Is Hillary Clinton a real-life James Bond Villain?

by Sean Bronson

Here is a checklist I’ve come up with to diagnose whether Hillary Rodham Clinton is here to take over the world in a really evil way.

1) Does she sport the Maoist garb? Dictators, terrorists, and authoritarians have always expressed the desire to show their transcendence over humanity by wearing formless, space suits.

download (1)download (8)images (1)Maoist Clinton Jacket


2) Does she emit strange sounds from her mouth which is supposed to resemble laughter? All of us like to laugh. It’s only unnatural when you do it after you’ve just killed the leader of a foreign country or testifying for the murder of one of your own ambassadors.

download (11)download (12)download (13)download (9)download (10)

3) Do she show signs of physical impairment, mental disability, or scarring which may, as the leader of a powerful political organization, jeopardize the health and safety of the free world? Licensed physicians and doctors have all speculated that she may have had or have early onset alzheimers (which leads to dementia), a blood clot in her brain, and an STD infection from her lovely husband Bill.
imagesdownload (7)download (4)hillary-neck-2


4) Is she head of an institution which acts as a front for charitable giving but in reality is an international secret criminal organization? Both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative have been suspected of receiving tons of money from politicians and businessmen through out the world in exchange for political favors.

download (14)download (15)download (16)download (6)download (5)


5) Does she covertly assassinate her enemies without any ethical or legal justification? From whistle blowers to former lovers, from the White Water scandal all way to the DNC convention, there is a trail of death that follows Mrs. Clinton.

download (17)Xenia-Onatopp20121107-222256download (18)download (19)


6) Lastly, does she use sex as a form of manipulation against both men and women? Ex-mistresses of Bill Clinton have revealed that Hillary may be, at least, bisexual. There are rumors that her aide, Huma Abedin, who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is a very, very close aide…
FRWL3download (21)download (22)download (23)


How did our potential 45th President of the United States score?


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