Karaoke Nights

will ferrell karaokeAlmost every bar (with a handful of exceptions) I’ve been to these past couple months have had Karaoke blaring from their establishment.

The neighborhood bar near my place has taken it to another level and offers Karaoke probably 5 times a week.

Believe me, I understand why businesses do it. It brings customers in. And people buy drinks when they sing.

But when all you wanna do is sit down, have a nice drink and maybe engage in casual conversation with a fellow patron, Karaoke can get a little annoying.

I know what people are going to say. “Go to another bar.”images (5)

Which is totally a non-solution, of course. Why not bring dancing, game night, or longer happy hours?

All I see are people singing the same songs over and over again: Sweet Caroline, Sweet Caroline, and Sweet Caroline.

You know what my response is? #$%^! Caroline. Maybe my problem is people singing these hyper-idealisticĀ songs about past loves. In fact, that’s what I noticed about some these older songs by singers such as Elvis Presley. Take the song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” which you also hear a lot on Karaoke nights. Somehow, I don’t see Elvis going head over heels over a girl when he had an infinite number in his pocket.download (25)

Yes, it was a different time back then. Maybe the songs weren’t really about the singer’s love life. And maybe the songs were supposed to tap into the innocent love life of the collective consciousness of young Americans. And maybe you were supposed to read between the lines.

Please don’t get me wrong. I sing on Karaoke nights as well. In fact, just last night I sung 5 songs. The DJ kept asking me. I swear. I think he needed different people to sing. It was fun. I think I’m a o.k. singer. I don’t what everyone else thinks though.



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