Non-Fiction Review: The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

From becoming an Economic Hit Man to opening his mind to the evils of globalization in third world countries, the book is about Perkins’ slow transformation as a non-globalist.

“Confessions” truly connected the dots for me in terms of the U.S. relations with certain other countries. For instance, why are we friends with Saudi Arabia? What was the whole ruckus with the Panama Canal about?

What is an Economic Hit Man?

Economic hit men, or EHM’s, are the guys who go in before the assassins. They persuade leaders of a foreign country to get their respective country into massive debt.

The EHM’s method of persuasion is convincing foreign politicians that building infrastructure will increase a country’s rate of production. Infrastructure are things like electrical grids, canals, or even waste management systems.

John Perkins confesses that he often cooked up the numbers so that building infrastructure looked good on paper. But in reality, the economic benefits were often minimal. In exchange for building the massive infrastructure building project, the country would have to get into major debt.


Organizations like World Bank, IMF, and US Aid were there to lend that money. Of course, they didn’t work directly with these countries. They used multinational consulting firms like the one Perkins worked for which was MAIN. Most countries would not be able to pay back that massive debt.

The politicians who took a stand against globalization through debt enslavement were mysteriously assassinated. When people talk about spreading American capitalism to foreign countries what they’re talking about is globalism or, as Perkins states, Corporatocracy.

When Corporatocracies use coercion, not only is it not voluntary free- market capitalism, it’s also not really democratic. That is, American citizens have not voted for these acts of economic warfare in international countries. Nor have the local citizens of these foreign countries voted for these massive enslavement projects.




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