Short Story: The Night Shift pt. 2

I work for a reality t.v. show. It’s about a bunch of guys who have to live under one roof so that they can have the chance to have sex with one girl at the end. I personally don’t really like reality t.v. but my friend got me the job, and I’m able to somehow scratch out a living.

I don’t like to admit this, but when I was younger I watched a little bit of it but mostly for the fighting and the occasional sex scenes. In that way, reality t.v. is sort of like porn. No one ever volunteers that they watch it but they love it like a habit they can’t get rid of.

I guess what makes my job a little cool is that we get to watch all the footage that the rest of world doesn’t see. I get to see the little smiles in between the time guy A is angry at guy B. I get to watch producers feeding lines to a guy contestant.

My job on the show is a logger so I watch all the footage that’s been taken. I basically write down what’s happening in them. I highlight things like stuff I can use in blooper reels like people falling over or some snarky comment they made about another guy.

I work inside an office room with a glass window looking out into the rest of the office. The other story producers and editors are always walking by and looking at what’s on our screens. Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to catch us looking at some bizarre conspiracy news site or just mindlessly shopping for something online. These things we definitely do, but not as much people think we do.

On the wall inside our logging room is a white board that you’d think people brainstorm ideas on. Instead we write down, in red, green, and black markers all the dirty, raunchy things that the contestants have said but probably will never be shown on regular cable. Guys talking about how big their dicks are or women who say they’re really horny and other locker room talk.





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