Night Shift Pt. 3

This season, a more all-American type of girl was chosen. A blue-eyed, blonde-haired farm girl from Idaho. Looking at her, you’d think she was plucked up straight from a tractor. Just a red-flanned, daisy-duke wearing, salt of the earth girl with a pinch of wild.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of digging on her Instagram photos to realize that she hasn’t shucked corn for a damn long time. In fact, a lot of these girls, before they go on our show, have been living in Los Angeles. Their newer social media photos show them in a sequined, one-piece dress with long, dangling earrings and a wineglass in the hand. They’re in some outdoor bar with wooden panels in the exterior and maybe a Maserati “accidentally” also photographed in the background.

Many, many of the girls have been on other minor reality shows. So minor you’ve probably never heard of them. Or she’s been a model. Not the kind showcasing Ralph Lauren or Prada going down a runway, but rather for Target or smaller, independent designers.

This is what I do when I get bored at work. I go down the rabbit hole of social media profiles of current contestants. Sometimes the girls look more prettier on social media. Sometimes they look better on film with the help of hair stylists and make up artists.

Comparing past and present is always a pleasant surprise. Usually you’ll notice that boobs are more pronounced. Noses sharpened as opposed to slightly bulbous. And of course, lips glossier and fuller. But it’s not just the girls.

The guys transform from scrawny, pale hipster kids to the body of a light-heavy-weight-boxing-champion. You want to think that he did it all on his own but somehow the before and after pictures are like looking at two different human beings.



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