Night Shift Pt. 5

We just happened to be in a dark corner of the parking lot. I started caressing her smooth cheek then placed my lips to her thin neck.

Her pants. I pulled them down around to her ankles. Then her damp, black panties too. Her thighs were trembling. I almost came inside her.


I never saw her in person again. Months had passed. I had moved on to another job. An assistant to a graphic designer. It was a day shift.

But then I saw her. Not in person but on the television screen in a bar I was in. The season I had worked on happened to be on. The main girl contestant  was having a make-up problem. She had an oily face which shined like grease. My make-up girl from that night dabbed some stuff on our girl and then disappeared.

I don’t know why they were showing that. But she looked good. My make up girl.

***The End***


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